Nearshoring services: Dedicated development team

Dedicated team

The "Dedicated Team" model is a service that gives you a complete solution to build, implement and maintain your software project. This model includes a carefully selected team of software developers, that can be completed with a business analyst and/or and arquitect role, dedicated entirely to your project and who will work to meet your business needs and objectives. The Dedicated Development Team will work full time on your project or participate according to the requirements of your schedule.

Professional profiles available for this kind of assignments include the following:

  • Project manager / e-commerce consultant (on a hybrid model)
  • Software architect / Team leader
  • Business analyst 
  • Back-end and front-end e-commerce software developer 
  • SCRUM master / Product Owner (on a hybrid model)
  • Testers / QA
To search, hire and train highly talented people in e-commmerce is not easy,
let us do the difficult work through our 4 step roadmap.
  • Understanding customer needs

    As fellow engineers, we understand the right kind of candidate that will bring your company real value. Although we can provide diferent roles related to e-commerce projects like architects, consultants, etc, Team extension usually makes sense mainly just with the role of the commerce developer: :

    - Back-end developer.

    - Front-end developer.

    - Full stack developer.

    - Lead developer.

  • Chosing profiles, and training if necessary

    Sugerendo sources from our own staff, and from our Spanish network of developers. We identify candidates with both the soft skills and professional interaction you expect. Sometimes is very difficult to find commerce developers with official certifications in your tech stack. In these cases, we can coach them in the a specific e-commerce niche you need and get them trained for you.
  • 15-days risk free trial period

    We introduce you the best candidates, so you can interview them and hire the ones you think are going to be the best fit for your team. Once you have selected the proper candidate, we offer a two weeks trial period (only for the first developer) to make sure he/she is having a good performance. This way you can test us with no risk on your end and move forward with us only when you are 100% sure of our ability to supply. Pay only if you decide to hire the candidate. Cancel with no penalty fees if you are not satisfied.
  • Cooperation formalisation

    After you are convinced of the ability of our team to ensure the development and technical maintenance of the project, long-term cooperation is formalized and we will help you to scale up or down your workforce at your will.

It is time to plan your nearshoring roadmap

with our experts

Book now a 30 minutes free consultation call with our specialist. He will give you a short overview on nearshoring dynamics in order to evaluate if there is a fit with your company, an estimation of team size and composition, what an onboarding plan would look like and how much you could save yearly on software development costs.