Intershop Commerce Suite

Release the potential of your company

through omnichannel commerce

Intershop Commerce Suite is a worldwide leader eCommerce solution, that allows to suit selling processes of any organizational structure or business model. Through a unique platform, you can showcase your brands, commercialize your product in a global level and implement strategies that will make your commerce grow. Intershop Commerce Suite is improving every day, and is inspired in their clients and partners’ expectations to create a perfect and flawless buying experience.

Advanced commerce management

for a perfect buying experience

  • 360º commerce solution

    All-in-one package that covers product management (PIM), orders (OMS), web content (WCM) and personalized communications with clients.
  • Omnichannel commerce platform

    Enables deployment of all business models, business units, brands and client’s segments, through different channel and regions.
  • Not only an eCommerce system

    It is also a marketplace, communications center, marketing engine and a tool to accomplish the operational efficiency between different departments within the company.

B2B selling digitalization

through process automation

The business customers are getting more influenced by their experience as consumers in the multichannel world. In B2B, they expect to find attractive commercial environments, an integral service, and the complete product information through the widest spectrum of contact points. Besides this, the importance of controlling complexities in international commercial relations and optimizing internal process is increasing over time.

Scalability and flexibility guaranteed

thanks to its extensions and different implementation models

  • Cloud

    Cloud is the easiest way to enter into the omnichannel world and get access to this commerce technology leader at a worldwide level.


    If you want to maintain your possibilities open in dynamic markets, choose between a diversity of managed options


    In order to get maximum control over your eCommerce solution, choose a model on clients’ installations with Intershop Commerce Suite.

"Synaptic Commerce"

for fast integrations between systems

The Intershop Synaptic Commerce API can be used to integrate the eCommerce platform with systems from other manufacturers and services providers that use that clearly defined interface and without an additional effort for the deployment. It is also easy to include specific modifications for the client or new contact points through pertinent interfaces. Migrations and updates are fast and riskless, with a lower cost and workload.