About us

We are not just a nearshoring development center,

but a place where next generation e-commerce websites are thoroughly crafted

We were founded by engineers who previously run their own e-commerce site long ago and which was developed by themselves. We know your problems and we know the optimal solutions, you will realize it as soon as your first meeting with us.



We work with agile methodologies

About us
Through Agile Methodologies like SCRUM, we help your company to save time and money. This is method which emphasizes frequent updates on the progress of the work being done through regular meetings with the client.

Total transparency with the client

About us
We work internally with Project Management Systems and we put them at your disposal, so you can know the current status of the project, the time spent on every task and track them correctly.

Tailored commercial quotes

About us
We optimize the budget distribution based on the priorities of your company. Our work formulas contemplate the possibility of working in a closed project or through work days of our team members.

Highly talented engineers

About us
Our team is composed of different profiles, such as project managers, team leaders, software architects, certified developers and testers, all working with the aim of your project being developed on time and on budget.

We are not just a recruiting agency

but the place where awesome e-commerce developers are forged

Our fine tuned process to find, identify, attract and coach talent, allows us to build standard developers  into real e-commerce specialists, well versed in the most extended digital commerce platforms.

It is time to plan your nearshoring roadmap

with our experts

Book now a 30 minutes free consultation call with our specialist. He will give you a short overview on nearshoring dynamics in order to evaluate if there is a fit with your company, an estimation of team size and composition, what an onboarding plan would look like and how much you could save yearly on software development costs.

Work with us,

we are constantly looking into the market seeking for the best talent