About us

We are not just a nearshoring development center,

but a place where next generation e-commerce websites are thoroughly crafted

We were founded by engineers who previously run their own e-commerce site long ago and which was developed by themselves. We know your problems and we know the optimal solutions, you will realize it as soon as your first meeting with us.

We are not just a recruiting agency

but the place where awesome e-commerce developers are forged

Our fine tuned process to find, identify, attract and coach talent, allows us to transform developers in standard coding languages, into real e-commerce specialists, well versed in the most extended digital commerce platforms.

  • No upfront payments

    No initial fees to start with us, no success commisions for allocating the profiles, we will charge you just in a Time & Material basis once the profile starts working.

  • Proven track record

    More than 10 years in the market, having cooperated in more than 40 projects, with different business models (B2C, B2B, Marketplace) in 5 different EU countries.

  • Fast allocation

    A range of 4-6 weeks Is the average time it takes us to start onboarding the new first component of your extended development team

  • 15-day risk free trial on the first developer

    Get up to two weeks to work with and assess your chosen developer and pay only if you decide to hire them. Cancel with no penalty fees if you are not satisfied.

  • High specialization in the e-commerce industry

    We only do digital commerce, nothing else. Company founders have been more than 12 years in this industry deploying projects with the best of breed commerce platforms.

  • Save up to 40%

    Our customers typically experience an average reduction of 30% in development costs compared to the same development quality in their home country.


You are in good hands,

digital commerce is in our DNA

José Antonio Díaz

Co-founder and e-commerce advisor

Computer engineer and driving the Operations and HHRR areas inside Sugerendo. I started my career coding open source commerce solutions, but I soon moved to other enterprise class e-commerce platforms. Since then, i have played every role in a software development team (business analyst, team lead, product owner, architect, project manager, consutant...) and I have mastered how to orchestrate teams in order to get the most out of them and deliver beyond customer expectations.

Since I co-founded Sugerendo, I have leaded, advised, deployed and even coded, directly or indirectly, in more than 40 digital commerce projects.

Juan Manuel Rubio

Co-founder and e-commerce advisor

Currently in charge of the consulting and business area inside Sugerendo. With an engineering background, my career has been constantly linked to the digital commerce world. Before founding Sugerendo in 2012, and together with my business partner, I previously launched an AI recommendation engine SaaS software company for e-commerce companies, and I even run my own e-commerce in the automotive and spare parts industry with an open source e-commerce platform.

I am so passionate about software projects in e-commerce that I have written two books about the matter. You can find them in Amazon.